Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not Goodbye

Not Goodbye

I was sitting at the bar enjoying a drink
Everyone was talking, having laughs, having fun
You looked at me and yet I gave no smile, no wink
You came next to me to get a beer and it's where it all begun

I later gave you a ride and we laughed and we joked
Most of what you said was to get me provoked
Finally I said "you are my type" at the base of your door
This is when you saw that there were no jokes anymore

The next day I was walking down the street hoping to see you
As I walked around, you were right in my view
I stopped in front of you and you seemed displeased
But then you saw who I was and then you looked pleased

We talked for a while and you left me with a kiss on the cheek
I will not lie, after that, my body felt weak
We both looked at each other and left with a smile
We thought we wouldn't see each other, but it was only for a while

We later shared a taxi which gave a surprisingly romantic ride
We walked to my car where I still couldn't bring myself to decide
"Should I kiss her? Should I let it go and forget? what should I do"
As we talked to each other, I lost all sense and leaned in to kiss you

That's how it all began, but even then I was unsure
I had been hurt so much before that I did not know if I could endure
But I took a chance and kept seeing you because I though it would be true
You confused me with your actions, but still my feelings grew

Finally, it seemed like we might both be on the same track
But in the end it seems that for only a moment the same path we shared
And now again, with no shell, I need to build it back
Hoping that one day... You'll realize that I too...was scared

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