Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Drunken Irish girl

The Drunken Irish girl

This happened back in the Fall of 2008. I had finally learned why this one girl had broken up with me in a way that's really cowardly. She just stopped calling me, emaling me, and she deleted me from all the social websites. So after learning all this after I ran in to her, I was feeling very down. So what better thing to do? Go have a drink at a bar. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find someone to come drink with me at the time I wanted. My friends had told me that they would come later.

It was about 6 or 7 in the afternoon, I made my way to one of my regular bars, Mad Hatters. I sat down at the bar and one of the regular barmaids came to see me. She asked me if I wanted a pitcher of Killer Koolaid. I was surprised that she knew what my favorite drink was, but she told me that she had noticed that whenever I went there it was the drink that I would always order. So I ordered the pitcher and sat down and watched TV until some guy at the bar started talking to me as well.

After a few hours of talking and drinking, one of my friends showed up. First thing he did was buy me some beer since he knew I was feeling down.

More hours passed and another friend showed up. And all three of us drank our booze and laughed. When I went to the bathroom, I ran into an old work buddy who was drunk as well. We talked a bit, but we both went on to our respective groups.

Again, more hours passed by and by this time it was around 1:30 or 2:00 AM. I can't really remember as I was pretty drunk at the time. By this time only one of my two friends was left as well. He told me I could crash at his place so we left the bar.

As we were leaving the bar, a random girl with a dude and an older woman scram: CANADIANS!!!!!!!

To which I replied: AMERICANS!!!!!!!!

Then she said: No! I'm from Irish! Come drink with us! I'm going to a bar called Mad Hatters!

I then looked at my friend and he approved to go drinking with this hot, drunk Irish girl.

We went back to the bar and I looked for the girl until I found her. By the time I got there, the guy she was with was gone, so I started talking to her and she started flirting. All this led to some touching and more flirting. She said she had come from Ireland with her step mother to have some fun. I could see her step mother flashing some guys in the bar. I however, kept trying with the hot young Irish girl.

As time passed, more guys were talking with her and flirting. By the time the bar closed, we were about 7 guys trying to get her to come back with us. Because I was feeling very down, my friend said I could bring her back to his place and he would give me his bed, so I agreed completely!

After leaving the bar, we all went to the pizza place next door. She decided to sit on the table with her legs wide open, but the pizza place clerk told her to sit on a chair outside. I went with her and she grabbed me and bit on my chest while saying: I like it rough!

The other guys around were trying hard as well. It felt like a bunch of Alpha dogs were trying to show who was superior while the pack dogs stood and watched the show.

The girl then said that she would not go anywhere without her step mother. At this point I looked at my friend and again, he agreed.

The girl was finally ready to leave when she asked: Do you have beer at your place?

I looked over to my friend and he motioned saying no... I told the girl that I didn't and she quickly went to see the other guys.

Who was the first one to say he had booze? My old work buddy!

I saw them leaving as I stood there, cockblocked by the lack of booze...

The rest of the story can only be told by my work buddy.

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