Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cat concentration camps

While I was lurking in a forum, I cam across a thread titled "Kitty Auschwitz".This one caught my attention.

The thread was about something that is happening in China at the moment. Apparently, the government has warned the people that cats are disease carriers and should get rid of them.

While it is true that some cats are diseased, most of them are not. People fear that their cats might be diseased, so they just throw them on the streets to fend for themselves until the officials get their and put them in cages so small that the cats cannot turn around.

The cats that are rounded up are taken to some facilities which can only be described as cat concentration camps. The cats are taken their and left to die. In these facilities, the cats that get diseased are left to suffer and die in agony, they don't give the cats a lethal injection.

However, not everyone is throwing away the cats. There are some groups that take cats in. There's even a lady that has over 250 cats in her home.

You can read more on this at the daily globe website.