Friday, February 6, 2009

Crimson Tears

Crimson Tears

The fight has already begun
I keep getting up, but all hope is gone
My body feels heavy and my arms won’t rise
This is the end, I must say my goodbyes

The crimson fist hits my left eye
It hurts so much I feel I will die

My eyebrow is cut and blood pours down
Blood down my face like a stream of crimson tears
Blood in my nose I think I will drown
The crimson red fist, again it appears

I look at my hands that are now crimson red
I throw a punch, but it feels like I hit lead
Hit again, my body falls to the ground
I try to get up, but no hope can be found
I’m fighting alone no reason to go on
I hear my name in the distance, new hope is drawn

I try to get up while crimson tears run through my face
I need to get up; I need to see who called my name
I see her now and I feel out of place
I feel the cold in my hears where once there was a flame

Tears flow from my eyes and they too are crimson red
Why did I get up? I should just drop dead
She calls my name and says not to give up and lose
I see her and the aching love that I want to refuse
I can’t give up, I need to win!
My arms go up I summon the strength from within

My crimson red fists hit where I aim
As my punches land I can hear her call my name
My fighting spirit is back, my love as well
If I win will she come back? I cannot tell
I can only fight and hope for the best
I feel my heart pounding inside my chest
It yearns for victory and it yearns for love
I can have victory with the help of my crimson red glove
Can I have love if I win this fight?
Maybe not, but I can’t give up of that I am right!

I win my fight and I see her no more
I see images that we shared before
It’s not over; never will it end our story
For now I find solace with this crimson glory!