Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"But you just broke up!"

This story takes place on new years eve of 2009. I had just been dumped 2 days prior so all my plans for new years were pretty much fucked over. During those 2 days, I had tried to find a new plan since I didn't want to spend my new years eve with my family so that they wouldn't see me sad and keep asking me where my girlfriend was. So in the end I found someone that didn't really have a plan either and we were both going to spend new year's eve at some random bar in the West Island of Montreal.

Now to fully understand the events that happened that night, I need to give a back story on this person. She's a girl I met when I interviewed her for a job. When I saw her, I was attracted to her immediately. The only thing was that I couldn't ask her for her phone number or email since I had to keep professional. I ended up finding her on facebook when I was looking for another friend through job descriptions. So I took a chance and messaged her to say that I was sorry that she didn't get the job and to recommend her some other places. We ended up being friends on facebook and I saw she had a boyfriend so I stopped there. For about a year we didn't really talk and finally we started talking a lot a month prior to this day.

So we met up at Lionel-Groulx metro station to grab a bus to the West Islands. During the long bus ride, I kept talking to her and making her laugh. I didn't expect much from that night because I was still in shock about the break up I had been in 2 days prior. When we finally got to the bar, I found out that her friend, the bar maid, was dating an old work buddy of mine. So we all ended up talking and drinking and having a good time.

As the night progressed, I got closer and closer to this girl. I was quite happy I could finally do it since we were both single at this point. And as the drinks came, the closer I got and she let me get as close as I wanted to.

New year's came up, we all gave hugs to the other people and it was more drinking time. I was kind of disappointed at myself that I didn't kiss her right on new year's, but it didn't mean that I wouldn't try at some point during the night.

Around 2 AM, I finally decided to move my left hand towards her right cheek and move her head towards me and we kissed. We then made out for almost half, while our friends cheered us on.

Because we both had come by bus, and I couldn't really get back home, we waited for her friend to finish closing up the bar and all four of us left in her car. She drove us back to the girl's place at around 5 in the morning.

Once we got up to her apartment, we kept making out and we started talking. As I held her in my arms and as she ran her hands on mine, she says: "I don't think this is right?"

I then replied: "I don't see why it's not."

She paused for a second and says: "But you just broke up! I don't want to be a rebound or anything like that. Besides, I have to go to work at 11 in the morning."

I then tried to work some magic and we kept making out until she said that she needed to get some sleep because she had to go to work in a few hours.

Hopeful that there would be another day where we could make things go further, I accepted the fact and she decided to walk me to the metro. As we got to the metro door, I grabbed her and kissed her. I then decided to try and test something. I let go of her and stopped kissing her, but she held on and kept kissing me.

So I left her hopeful of getting somewhere with her later that week. I called her the next day, but by this time she had thought things through and told me that it would never work out and that it was best to just stay friends.

And that's how I spent my new year's eve of 2009. And how I almost got a girl I had a crush on a year before, but failed because I had just been dumped.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Drunk American girl and the strip club

This story is fairly new. It happened at the beginning of April 2010.

I had gone to a old college buddies birthday at some bar I had never heard of downtown. While it was downtown, it wasn't on St-Catherine, the main party street in Montreal. He decided on this bar because it was a micro brew place and they had a big screen displaying the hockey game.

We stayed there until 10 or 11 PM and most of the people with me were getting drunk. One of my friends, a real ladies man, suggested we go to a strip club. Seeing as I hadn't had any action in a while, I approved of the idea. So both him and I tried to convince the others to come with us.

Half an hour later, everyone was successfully convinced, and out we went on our way to the strip club. Once we got out of the bar however, a group of bar hopping foreign university students were about to go to the bar. Some of the people I was with started talking to them and made us all stay there and talk for a little while. By the end of the conversation, only one of them was left and it was a drunk American girl.

Her name was Annie, and she was going to Concordia for a semester. This was her initiation or something for her program. This is when one of the guys I was with had a bright idea. He decided to invite her to the strip club with us. He did so by saying this in a very French Canadian accent:" Would you like to come in us to strip club?"

Because the girl was drunk, she didn't really understand most of my friends because of their French accents. So I had to step up and become the translator. This is when I told her: "He wants to know if you would come with us to a strip club."

After a few moments of her thinking and some silence, she said: "Why not?"

And off we were to the strip club. We all got in our respective cars and I had the idiot that invited the girl and the girl ride in my car. I had set my mind up to help this guy score. While driving to the club, he started talking to her and I was wing manning from the drivers sit. Too bad he was horrible at talking to her because she soon lost interest in her.

Once we got to the strip club, she had no interest in the idiot anymore. So, being a man who jumps on good occasions, I decided to give it a shot with her. I sat next to her and we started talking. She seemed moderately interested in the things I had to say, so I decided to be a little more outgoing. I grabbed her hand and said: we're sitting in front of the stage!

She followed without any resistance as she seemed interested in sitting in front of the stage as well. Once we sat down, I kept talking to her and bought us both a beer from the waitress. As we were talking during the night, I said: "You know what, I would see you up there dancing as well!"

She looked at me for a few seconds and said: "You really think so? I don't think my ass is that good, and my tits I guess are ok..."

This is where I decided to be daring by saying: "You don't think your ass is that good? You know what, why don't you stand up and let me see?"

almost instantly, she stood up and let me look at her ass. Again, I decided to be daring and just grabbed it and felt it. She didn't seem to mind that I was doing this. And she was happy that I said that I thought her ass was actually pretty nice. Once I did this, I looked at my friends and they were all looking at me with a very surprised and they also seemed very proud.

As I was working my magic, I she started getting texts and calls from a friend that kept asking where she was. So then she said: "Yeah, I have to go. Can you bring me back?"

To which I replied: "Yeah, unfortunately, we're staying till the bar closes, so 3 AM. You're welcome to stay with us or you can walk or bus it home."

So she decided to walk home. I didn't feel like trying to make her stay, so I just gave her a hug and she left. By this time, I had also been looking at which stripper I wanted to get a lapdance from. So I went to see the one I found the best. I have a big weakness for girls that have piercings and tattoos and there was one girl there that had those.
So I went up to her and asked for some dances.

We went to the booth and once we got there she started dancing and everything. As she danced, she said: "I'm sorry if I'm feeling down a bit, but my ex boyfriend was here with his new girlfriend. But whatever, you're cute, so it's better. Are you single? If you are, would you mind giving me your number? I like guys that have some meat on them."

While I knew that this girl was probably never going to call me, I still gave her my number and tried my luck. So after giving her my number and her finishing the three dances I had paid for, I returned to the stage.
Who do I see sitting at the stage when I get there? I see Annie who had come back after getting lost and had decided to stay with us until we left.

By this time, another one of my friends was trying to get in with Annie, but I still sat next to her. She was talking to both him and myself, but I saw that my friend was trying hard, so I left them alone for a while.

Around 2:30 AM, we all decide that it's time to leave. Unfortunately for my friend, I wasn't going anywhere near to where he lived, so I couldn't take him in my car.

As we were driving, I kept telling Annie that she would make a good stripper if she wanted to. I wasn't being serious, but I wanted to see what she would do. So she started saying something about her breasts and I said: "Why don't you show us?"

What did she do? She immediately brought down her shirt and started rubbing her tits in my car. She said she would have showed us her ass as well, but that it wasn't very practical in a car.

We finally got to the stop where my friends left their bikes, which was where the initial bar was. And what does Annie say: "Oh shit! This is where I live too! I live right on top of the bar you guys picked me up from!"

So I got cockblocked because I had to drop my friends where their bikes were...

At least I got some kind of fun that night. And I was also able to test how far I could say things to a girl I don't know.

The Drunken Irish girl

The Drunken Irish girl

This happened back in the Fall of 2008. I had finally learned why this one girl had broken up with me in a way that's really cowardly. She just stopped calling me, emaling me, and she deleted me from all the social websites. So after learning all this after I ran in to her, I was feeling very down. So what better thing to do? Go have a drink at a bar. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find someone to come drink with me at the time I wanted. My friends had told me that they would come later.

It was about 6 or 7 in the afternoon, I made my way to one of my regular bars, Mad Hatters. I sat down at the bar and one of the regular barmaids came to see me. She asked me if I wanted a pitcher of Killer Koolaid. I was surprised that she knew what my favorite drink was, but she told me that she had noticed that whenever I went there it was the drink that I would always order. So I ordered the pitcher and sat down and watched TV until some guy at the bar started talking to me as well.

After a few hours of talking and drinking, one of my friends showed up. First thing he did was buy me some beer since he knew I was feeling down.

More hours passed and another friend showed up. And all three of us drank our booze and laughed. When I went to the bathroom, I ran into an old work buddy who was drunk as well. We talked a bit, but we both went on to our respective groups.

Again, more hours passed by and by this time it was around 1:30 or 2:00 AM. I can't really remember as I was pretty drunk at the time. By this time only one of my two friends was left as well. He told me I could crash at his place so we left the bar.

As we were leaving the bar, a random girl with a dude and an older woman scram: CANADIANS!!!!!!!

To which I replied: AMERICANS!!!!!!!!

Then she said: No! I'm from Irish! Come drink with us! I'm going to a bar called Mad Hatters!

I then looked at my friend and he approved to go drinking with this hot, drunk Irish girl.

We went back to the bar and I looked for the girl until I found her. By the time I got there, the guy she was with was gone, so I started talking to her and she started flirting. All this led to some touching and more flirting. She said she had come from Ireland with her step mother to have some fun. I could see her step mother flashing some guys in the bar. I however, kept trying with the hot young Irish girl.

As time passed, more guys were talking with her and flirting. By the time the bar closed, we were about 7 guys trying to get her to come back with us. Because I was feeling very down, my friend said I could bring her back to his place and he would give me his bed, so I agreed completely!

After leaving the bar, we all went to the pizza place next door. She decided to sit on the table with her legs wide open, but the pizza place clerk told her to sit on a chair outside. I went with her and she grabbed me and bit on my chest while saying: I like it rough!

The other guys around were trying hard as well. It felt like a bunch of Alpha dogs were trying to show who was superior while the pack dogs stood and watched the show.

The girl then said that she would not go anywhere without her step mother. At this point I looked at my friend and again, he agreed.

The girl was finally ready to leave when she asked: Do you have beer at your place?

I looked over to my friend and he motioned saying no... I told the girl that I didn't and she quickly went to see the other guys.

Who was the first one to say he had booze? My old work buddy!

I saw them leaving as I stood there, cockblocked by the lack of booze...

The rest of the story can only be told by my work buddy.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not Goodbye

Not Goodbye

I was sitting at the bar enjoying a drink
Everyone was talking, having laughs, having fun
You looked at me and yet I gave no smile, no wink
You came next to me to get a beer and it's where it all begun

I later gave you a ride and we laughed and we joked
Most of what you said was to get me provoked
Finally I said "you are my type" at the base of your door
This is when you saw that there were no jokes anymore

The next day I was walking down the street hoping to see you
As I walked around, you were right in my view
I stopped in front of you and you seemed displeased
But then you saw who I was and then you looked pleased

We talked for a while and you left me with a kiss on the cheek
I will not lie, after that, my body felt weak
We both looked at each other and left with a smile
We thought we wouldn't see each other, but it was only for a while

We later shared a taxi which gave a surprisingly romantic ride
We walked to my car where I still couldn't bring myself to decide
"Should I kiss her? Should I let it go and forget? what should I do"
As we talked to each other, I lost all sense and leaned in to kiss you

That's how it all began, but even then I was unsure
I had been hurt so much before that I did not know if I could endure
But I took a chance and kept seeing you because I though it would be true
You confused me with your actions, but still my feelings grew

Finally, it seemed like we might both be on the same track
But in the end it seems that for only a moment the same path we shared
And now again, with no shell, I need to build it back
Hoping that one day... You'll realize that I too...was scared