Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"But you just broke up!"

This story takes place on new years eve of 2009. I had just been dumped 2 days prior so all my plans for new years were pretty much fucked over. During those 2 days, I had tried to find a new plan since I didn't want to spend my new years eve with my family so that they wouldn't see me sad and keep asking me where my girlfriend was. So in the end I found someone that didn't really have a plan either and we were both going to spend new year's eve at some random bar in the West Island of Montreal.

Now to fully understand the events that happened that night, I need to give a back story on this person. She's a girl I met when I interviewed her for a job. When I saw her, I was attracted to her immediately. The only thing was that I couldn't ask her for her phone number or email since I had to keep professional. I ended up finding her on facebook when I was looking for another friend through job descriptions. So I took a chance and messaged her to say that I was sorry that she didn't get the job and to recommend her some other places. We ended up being friends on facebook and I saw she had a boyfriend so I stopped there. For about a year we didn't really talk and finally we started talking a lot a month prior to this day.

So we met up at Lionel-Groulx metro station to grab a bus to the West Islands. During the long bus ride, I kept talking to her and making her laugh. I didn't expect much from that night because I was still in shock about the break up I had been in 2 days prior. When we finally got to the bar, I found out that her friend, the bar maid, was dating an old work buddy of mine. So we all ended up talking and drinking and having a good time.

As the night progressed, I got closer and closer to this girl. I was quite happy I could finally do it since we were both single at this point. And as the drinks came, the closer I got and she let me get as close as I wanted to.

New year's came up, we all gave hugs to the other people and it was more drinking time. I was kind of disappointed at myself that I didn't kiss her right on new year's, but it didn't mean that I wouldn't try at some point during the night.

Around 2 AM, I finally decided to move my left hand towards her right cheek and move her head towards me and we kissed. We then made out for almost half, while our friends cheered us on.

Because we both had come by bus, and I couldn't really get back home, we waited for her friend to finish closing up the bar and all four of us left in her car. She drove us back to the girl's place at around 5 in the morning.

Once we got up to her apartment, we kept making out and we started talking. As I held her in my arms and as she ran her hands on mine, she says: "I don't think this is right?"

I then replied: "I don't see why it's not."

She paused for a second and says: "But you just broke up! I don't want to be a rebound or anything like that. Besides, I have to go to work at 11 in the morning."

I then tried to work some magic and we kept making out until she said that she needed to get some sleep because she had to go to work in a few hours.

Hopeful that there would be another day where we could make things go further, I accepted the fact and she decided to walk me to the metro. As we got to the metro door, I grabbed her and kissed her. I then decided to try and test something. I let go of her and stopped kissing her, but she held on and kept kissing me.

So I left her hopeful of getting somewhere with her later that week. I called her the next day, but by this time she had thought things through and told me that it would never work out and that it was best to just stay friends.

And that's how I spent my new year's eve of 2009. And how I almost got a girl I had a crush on a year before, but failed because I had just been dumped.

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