Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's a metal concert, you will be pushed!

Metal concert crowds, they can be violent at times, but most of us go there knowing that we might get hurt. However, we know that most of the times if we get hurt, it's not really because someone wanted to hurt us on purpose. It just means that the people around you got excited by the band, by the song, and wanted to move and try to get closer to the stage. These things happen at a metal concert. There are mosh pits that form in the crowds. If you go into a pit, chances are you will get hurt. People also crowd surf and it's all normal at metal concerts. The person that is crowd surfing can get hurt by falling, but he knows that might happen.

Now here's what I can't stand about metal concert crowds, the people that try and get as close to the stage and expect not to be pushed, expect not to have their fragile electronics broken, and expect that no one will try to take their spot in the crowd. Well guess what, these things happen all the time at these type of events!

Here's why I'm writing this, and it's a perfect example. When I went to Heavy MTL, I decided to crowd surf when Disturbed started playing. I got pretty banged up when I was up there, I got hit in the groin and on the head, but I knew that this might happen, so it was fine. What I didn't like about this is that when I fell down, this guy came to me angry and complaining and almost got into a fight with me. Why did he come to see me? He was wearing glasses close to the stage and when I fell, his glasses fell to the ground. Like I said, I almost got into a fight with this guy, I don't know if he was just pretending to be tough or not. How come I didn't get into a fight? Simple, he was pushed by someone that was trying to get to the front of the stage. He was then angry at this guy. The pusher wanted to fight him, but his friend didn't let him. While they were arguing, I just turned around and started headbanging.

This was not the only thing that I observed when I was at the festival. Some other things were parents that brought their kids at the front and this girl that wanted to be at the front, but not be pushed and her boyfriend almost screaming at people that were pushing. People, get a grip! It's a METAL CONCERT! YOU WILL GET PUSHED AT THESE! I'm really getting sick and tired of these fucking pussies that complain every time they get pushed!

As for electronics, I've heard people complain that there cameras or whatnot get busted because of the people pushing. Again, don't bring those! I don't bring them for a reason, I don't want them broken. I just bring my cellphone because it's not an expensive one!

I think I'll stop writing here, I'm getting a little pissed off just thinking about these people complaining for things that they should know WILL HAPPEN!

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