Monday, June 2, 2008


Life. Life? Life… How can you explain this thing called ‘Life’? How can all the experiences you have be contained in this single word called ‘Life’? If you were asked to explain what Life is, how would you do it? How would you put it in words? Would it be something positive? Negative? Or just neutral? Well, here’s what I have to say about Life.

Life is the compilation of all your experiences. Many of these can be bad, but the ones you want to remember, the ones that stick to your memory, or at least should stick to your memory, are the good ones. The events you experience during your time on Earth that make you feel good. The things that make you smile. Remember the people that care for you. These are all things that you can find in your Life. However, most people seem to remember mostly the bad experiences during their short time they are amongst the living. Why is this I wonder? Personally, I think that we remember the things that hurt us because we do not want to experience them again. Unlike the good things that we feel, we want them to happen to us, so we tend to think less of them. Again, we tend to think more about the bad things so we can train ourselves on how to handle them if they ever happen to us again. We think about these events and we try to find ways to better deal with them. While we do these things, we forget about the good times, we let these memories fade.

Now, if I could give you an image on what Life feels like, I would explain it to you in this way. My image of Life is that of a boxing match. This battle, however, does not end in a fifteen rounds of three minutes each. This fight is one that lasts years upon years. You might be asking why I see it as a boxing match. Here’s what I will explain. When a boxer is fighting, he doesn’t want to get knocked down; it’s just not something you want to happen. Because of this, these fighters train themselves so that they won’t be knocked down. Would you not agree that being knocked down is like a bad experience in Life? A boxer that gets knocked down will remember it. A person that experiences something that hurts them will have to surmount this with his will, he’s strength. Don’t you think that it’s similar to a boxer that goes down? They need to feed on their fighting spirit to be able t get up. They don’t want to stay down. They always try as much as they can to get up. The stronger the fight spirit, the less time he will stay on the ground. However, there comes a time when the boxer will just let himself stay down. After this happens, the fighter will train himself more so it doesn’t happen again. Like a hurtful experience, a person will sometimes not be able to get back up, but with time, the person learns how to go on and get back on track. If I image it like a boxing match, then there has to be an adversary. I see Life itself as the adversary.

Experiences, good or bad, are what Life is. No matter the experience. Memories are what are important in it. We tend to remember the bad ones, but we have to keep in mind that the good ones are what keep us going. I once heard a saying that went like so: It’s not the destination that is important, but the journey that leads us to this destination. I think that the person was right in a lot of ways, but it is also true that a good destination is always welcome instead of a bad one. The destination is what will influence the next journey. In my eyes, we are all fighters struggling against the adversary that is Life. If we fall down, we have to get back up; we have to use the most of our fighting spirits. And if we can’t get up, it does not mean that we have to quit. We have to train ourselves so that we can surmount it, and try and not fall down from that same blow a second time.

And now I ask you, how would you explain Life to me? How would you image it?

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