Monday, June 2, 2008

Feel by music

How I love the wonders of music. How I adore music. There’s so much to say about it. All types of it exist throughout the world. Every civilisation, no matter how distanced they were from others, had music in their culture. Why do you think that is possible? Most inventions come from a single civilisation and are then transferred to other ones. However, music existed in so many different forms in all of them and for many reasons: rituals, entertainment, etc. No matter what the reason for its existence, it is something that should never cease to exist. It is the reflection of the soul, but one that cannot be seen, only heard.

When a person creates music, he puts his heart and soul into the piece he’s making. Sometimes, the composer might not notice that what he’s making is a reflection of what lies inside of him. When a person listens to music, they normally have a connection with what they are listening to. This is because the melody the person is hearing is the reflection of the composers’ soul. This is not true for all music however. These days some musicians make music for the money. These songs are hollow ones because they reflect the hollowness that was put into them. They might become popular, but they have no feeling, they have no heart, no soul. These things should not even be called music. Music is the thing that makes you feel, that satisfies a part of you. This feeling should not only be there when listening to it, but also when creating it. If the person making music doesn’t have any feelings, then the complete thing will not give a feeling to the people who will listen to it.

Just like there are different reasons for the music, there are also different forms of it, as well as different ways to interpret the feelings inside your heart. By this I mean that there are genres in music and there are different instruments. Each and every genre interprets different feelings. Thrash metal, for one, can interpret feelings of hate and anger. An example of this would be Slayer’s song Exile (which I like very much) that has a very strong feeling of hate in it ( There are also songs that convey a feeling of sadness of all types. Again, an example I can give is the emo genre, which is very emotional, but mostly in sad themes ( The examples I have given reflect the feelings mostly through the vocals, but the reflection of the soul is not limited to singing. An example I can give for this is a classical piano piece from Franz Liszt titled Liebestraum No3 ( which reflects the feeling of Love. However, these feelings cannot be showed if the person interpreting them do not show some of the emotions. What I mean by this is that even if a composer writes the music, if the person that will then play it cannot feel the emotion, then the people that will listen to it will be unable to feel it as well.

So would you not agree with me that the best music is the one that you can relate to? It’s like talking to someone about your problems because they understand you, music that shows the same feeling you have will make you feel better because of the feeling it gives you, because the person who played it was probably feeling a little like you are feeling.

And so I ask you know, what is music for you? Does it make you feel? Can you sense what the person playing it feels? Can you sense what the person that composed it was feeling? Can you relate to what you listen to?

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