Saturday, February 16, 2008

Poetics No1

Poetry, is there any better way for someone to express their feelings? Maybe music and art. The point is, poetry can let people express their inner feelings. Everyone can write a good poem if they are sincere in what they're writing. Well that's what I believe anyways.

I enjoy writing poems, but people tell me that my poems are sad. Well I guess I'm a sad person then. Your art is a mirror to how you are inside. What is in your art is your own reflection.

So with this, I give you a poem: (more to come soon)

As I walk this road called life
A storm is forming in my head
Everything in my head is in strife
All this pain inside, many tears I shed

I look back at all I have done
I Then look straight ahead and start to run
I want to reach a point where I can be at ease
I cannot find it, now save me please

The storm in my head goes on furiously
I see the confusion of my life in images
I try to escape as I tear them up relentlessly

I see my loved ones turn their backs at me
I try to run to them because their faces I must see
I understand that this mean that alone I must be
But this I have to do for my soul to be set free

And as I lay there and let my life pass me by
No longer of sadness but of joy I cry

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